August 8, 2018 Advice

Event Video Subtitles and Captions

Why should you have Captions on your videos?

What is closed captioning? Closed captioning (CC) is the process of adding text with video to provide extra information. For example adding dialogue or actions as on screen text. Subtitles or Captions? Both Subtitles and captions both involve displaying text on screen, but there are differences. Captions…

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May 9, 2018 Stream7

Live on the big screen!

The live stream for Techedge18 is shown in Leeds city centre.

Stream7 working with audio visual production company R&B Group alongside Leeds venue Aspire provided the event streaming for Techedge 18. The Techedge 18 conference was part of the Leeds Digital Festival, and saw top name speakers from international tech companies such as SkyBet, Amazon Web Services…

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Stream7 Event Networking
April 4, 2018 Stream7

SQLBits Network

Stream7 build an event internet network.

SQLBits is the largest SQL Server conference in Europe and required a reliable wired internet connection for their presenters and sponsors. Stream7 were already providing filming and recording of the lectures so it made sense for us to also provide the network infrastructure. The event took place in…

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Sheffield Manor Works
March 23, 2018 Stream7

Stream7’s new base

We’ve moved in to our new office and warehouse!

It’s been a busy few months at Stream7 including moving in to our new office at Sheffield Manor Works. This £2.7M building has been designed with communal working spaces that are ideal for us to have a break from the office and mingle with other business owners. The new office has direct loading access…

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Year in review
December 28, 2017 Stream7

A Year in Review

Looking back over our favourite events of 2017

2017 has been a great year for us at Stream7, we have invested in more equipment, increased our client base and even had extra work filling up our traditionally quiet months. Here are some of our more memorable events of the year: Feb 2017 After a month of branding and design work our new company brochures…

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November 29, 2017 Advice

Streaming Surgery

Why should hospitals stream live medical procedures?

We have seen a huge uptake in the amount of hospitals and equipment manufacturers who are calling on our services to stream their medical procedures. So how does this work? Stream7 supply two teams of technicians, one team based in the operating theatre and another team based in the lecture theatre.…

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Awards Shows
November 11, 2017 Stream7

CIBSE Yorkshire Awards

Video & Event Production at The Royal Armouries

The 10th November was a exciting night in Leeds as the CIBSE Yorkshire Awards took place. This was the second year that the event took place, and for 2017 CIBSE enlisted event creators Jonny Douglas and Pennie Raven to produce and host the show. Stream7 have worked with Jonny and Pennie for many years…

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Video on phone
September 27, 2017 Industry

Video always with you

TV is moving from your sofa to your pocket with video on apps and websites.

Not long ago the family would gather around the TV to watch together, shows were scheduled and had to be watched at the time of broadcast unless you remembered to set the VHS recorder! Video has now been unshackled from the living room, as increasingly consumers are watching video on a variety of different…

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